Jenn's Summer Dreams

 Alas, summer is here.

What will you do?

For the first day of summer I went on a hike to Tea Lake with my friend, who I will refer to as m’lady. I’m starting an informal hiking group and I want to do at least 10 hikes this summer and ideally two hikes a week. This is my summer dream! Can you feel it people?!!

M’lady and I took Charlie and Bird through the woods about an hour and stopped along the way to some fabulous swimming holes (you might know these as lakes)

Why bring bathing suits? Underwear is fine!

I did notice however that M’lady’s underwear was nicer than mine so, goal one: Buy more and nicer swimming disguises. Because changing behind a towel on a rock takes too long and is so much less reminiscent of that woman in the Timote Commercial from the mid 80’s.

Now, I don’t agree with Timote that you can wash your hair everyday. I think you should wash it once or twice a week at the most. But my FAVORITE thing in the summer is to wash my hair with Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap in the lake in front of my house.

It’s natural and joyful in every way. If you have easy access to a Nova Scotia lake you must try it.

I’ve tried a few of these and although the Lavender is my favorite for winter bath and shower times, it’s not as great on your hair. Mint or Eucalyptus have both been great so far. 

I’ve kept all my summer things in deflatable travel bags like I told you about a few blogs ago, and I’m about to go through them and hang up the best of the crop and hopefully give away some of the rest. (I do have a faint yet disturbing memory of doing a summer wash of clothes with a new red dress and everything turning pink….)

So if I’m going to pick up a few summer things from Bodega it might be based on the last time I rocked a romper, which was 1985. This was my favorite outfit of all time, and I have a distinct vision of myself wearing it to a muscle party on the beach by our house in PEI. (For those unfamiliar, that is a party where you cook a bunch of muscles over a fire, sometimes in giant metal garbage tins! Or…. A pot.)

The romper of my youth was blue and sleeveless with little shorts and had a terry cloth belt to wrap around its terry cloth self. I’m feeling really nostalgic about this one, so anything romper related I will try.

I'm sorry I don’t have a picture of that time, it was more like a dream than a moment I could ever capture. But I found this on the world wide web and I would like one in real life:


There’s a ton of great styles at Bodega and for ONE MORE WEEK you can get 15% off by using this code: AMBASSADORJ

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