Q&A with Damara Mossman

Damara Mossman is one of Bodega's local jewelry artists. We're been carrying some of her stunning items in store for almost a year now, so we figured it's about time we find out a little bit more about the artist and the process behind some of your favourite creations!

And because we're obsessed with Damara's Instagram feed, we made sure to pair each of her answers with an inspiring photo from her collection! 

Q: When you are most creative?

I’m also a florist. I get to play with flowers four days a week and see different colours and shapes and what you can do with a flower. That keeps my creativity with jewelry really fresh. I do a lot of painting, sew a lot of my own clothing. I’m really always making something. 

 Q: What's inspiring you these days? 

Nature in general inspires me. I do a lot of hiking, I stay as close to the coast as possible. 

Q: What's your favourite colour palette?

The coastal colour palette, for sure. Greys, creams, soft blues. I love metals, and gold or silver. I always do a little bit of black. 

Q: What does your creative process look like?

My favourite day in the studio is a really sunny afternoon. I have lots of windows, and I sit there and dump out all my materials on a big library desk that I have, that’s like eight feet long. I don’t normally start with a sketch, because everything I work with is so unique and individual. I just sort of pick a few pieces and start with something and it continues organically from there. It’s about being comfortable and flowing. Sometimes my best stuff comes out of a mistake — like a piece of antler breaks and I make something new of out that unique shape. 

Q: What are you making right now?

I'm working with some new shapes and styles with bone that I’m excited about, and I'm doing some new fringe chokers and working with white leather for the festival season.

I strive for a balance between a primitive and a luxurious feel, and it’s taken me ages to get the balance right. It’s not totally earthy but it’s not totally bling either. Summer is going to be more of the same and I'm use crystals, antlers and bone. 

Q: Where would you love to see your work showcased?

I would love to branch out and I'd really like to get into a shop in Montreal, one in Vancouver and one in Toronto this year. I have a list going to put my feelers out there. 

It gives me a lot of anxiety, but you just have to do it. Suck up the anxiety and put yourself out there, send the emails, do the pop-ups or trunk shows and see how people feel about it. Usually you get a lot of support and that really encouraged me to keep going and do more and more of them. It is hard but you have to believe in what you do.

I’ve been making jewelry since I was 10 and I’ve been doing more natural jewelry for about six years. I love what I do, I really do. I find it soothing, it’s an awesome experience.