But, you don’t *look* like a mom…

There seems to be an antiquated notion that all moms look like June Cleaver.

Or, at the very least, that moms have “mom cuts” and “mom jeans” and cannot possibly retain one iota of the style they might have had before the popped a baby out. And I’d like to squash that.

My mom jeans are mid-rise skinnies, tucked into tall boots. My mom cut falls between long layers or a trendy lob, and either way it is occasionally piled on top of my head in a bun because who wants to wash their hair every day? I’ve got five tattoos and I drive a hatchback while I’m rocking my leather leggings and (faux) fur vest. 

But, you don’t look like a mom is one of those irritating phrases I hear from time to time that is intended to be a compliment but mostly makes the speaker sound like an ass. More than once, I’ve responded with “You don’t look like a smart (or dumb) person,” and while it tends to get the laughter going, it also usually drives home a point.  

The truth about mom style is this: Moms (mostly) wear what works for them.

For some, it might be a suit so she can rock the shit out of that presentation she’s giving. For others, it’s yoga pants so she can get up and down while she’s playing with her child. 

When you become a parent, everything comes second to the health and wellbeing of your child. Their happiness contributes to your happiness, and your priorities? They shift dramatically. But you should still be a priority. Your happiness and wellbeing and health are priorities. If looking good makes you happy, make it a priority.

The truth about mom style is this: it’s yours.

Being a mom doesn’t make you not you anymore.

It makes you you, but better. Now go put on a sleeveless shirt and show off those mom arms.