Review of the New Scotland Yard Emporium

On October 24, Joel Plaskett officially opened his new spot in Downtown Dartmouth, called the New Scotland Yard Emporium (or NSYE for short).

Offering an unusual but eclectic mix of services, you can find yourself buying a record, a coffee and getting that sweet new haircut you’ve always wanted…all in one place!


Taz records providing the tunes, while Honey & Butter serves the hot beverages and sweets and Elk’s Haircutting gives you a sweet new ‘do.

I headed there just before noon on opening day, hoping to catch the in-store performances by July Talk and Plaskett himself. I was greeted at the door by the famous Chris Pennell (bass player extraordinaire and owner of Elk’s Haircutting) who stated it was pretty busy inside. We pushed our way in and got in the line up for a hot beverage and then made our way as close to the front as possible to see the music. July Talk played a couple of acoustic versions of their songs and then a very thankful Plaskett played a couple.


Much like Bodega and a few other special spot in the neighbourhood, Joel's community spirit and love of Dartmouth are the backbone of his new business.

His recording studio is just up the driveway from the NSYE, so who knows what Halifamous musicians you may see hanging out inside. I went there the following week and Joel was just stopping in for a coffee. In his words:

“Come buy a record, get a coffee and bagel to go, get a little off the top or book some time at the studio and cut a hit track. Music is at the heart of it and all are welcome.”

Well, we welcome you Mr. Plaskett, and thank you for making Dartmouth just that much better.

They're open weekdays from 7-6 and on Saturdays from 8-5 and I highly recommend planning a visit!