Fall is for leggings

This week has been busy to celebrate everyones hard work to debut our new line in the fashion show. The Ambrose Design models, along with Ceitidh and I,  went out to Cora's, it was an so nice to see the friendships growing after that fun adventure.

I spent that night at Nocturne looking at amazing art. I've always been one to love art and I think my favourite thing about Art is that you can express so much through the smallest of ways. Dance, Cirque, music, even fashion are all art forms that you can use to express yourself!

I've had a minor concussion for about three weeks now and it's hard to find the energy to dress up. Most days, I have been rocking the cozy sweater and comfy leggings look. I have random days that I wake up and feel like doing my makeup and wearing something cute or just adding a new accessory, which is a great day! And then on the days where my concussion hits me with a headache and I need to take  day off, cozy cute PJ's and a cup of tea do the trick. (Comfortable and cute my two favourite combinations!)

These ups and downs are part of life, and part of fashion for most of us too! Expressing yourself and loving style doesn't mean being glam all the time. It means just being you, whatever that means for the day. 

Here's some cozy inspiration...