One step at a time

Three years ago, I started a blog called One Step at a Time as a means to help me recover myself after separating from my husband. A young single mom, I felt isolated and lost and a bit like a stranger in my own body. My blog was a little step forward; a little step for me.

Next, I enrolled in a Public Relations program and packed my life to move from the home I had built with my now ex-husband, and away from family, into an apartment in Clayton Park. It was a big step and so worth it.

I’m Ashley MI: public relations professional, freelance writer, shoe hoarder, hair twirler, runner, impromptu-dance partier and mum. I’m The Frenzied Fashionista at Erica Ehm’s, where I love to share fashion stories, advice and self-esteem/body image tips for the woman in every mom. Although my day job is in pharmaceuticals, fashion and style are incredibly important to me.

I’m excited to work with Bodega Boutique and take this next step; to help Kate achieve her vision of creating a greater sense of community. I can’t wait to meet new people, hear new stories and continue to elevate the Bodega brand. I kicked off the fall program with a lot of wine and some hilariously good times this weekend at the Halifax Port of Wines Festival.  

I wore my favourite black shift dress and, without a belt that worked, I improvised and stepped into a Goody Ouchless headband. My gold and black leather bracelet and gold ring from Bodega added just enough oomph, I kept warm in a soft pleather jacket I scored on a clearance rack a few seasons ago and my feet are reminding me that my Steve Madden peep toe booties aren’t made for traipsing all over downtown Halifax. See also: I am definitely not 19 any more. But I felt great, and that’s what counts right?

I spent the rest of the weekend in leggings and boyfriend jeans, wandering around frog ponds, feeding the ducks and enjoying my amazing little boy.

My goal for the next few months is to challenge myself to be more mindful of what I put on my body, share some of my favourite style tips and tricks and maybe - just maybe - step out of my style comfort zone a little more.

Until next time…

xo – a.