Venturing Onwards and Upwards

As I delve into the world of law school, and my Bodega Ambassadorship comes to a close, I want to return to and share in everything I have learned in the past three months of my Ambassadorship.

1) Community is Crucial

I wrote about this in my first blog post, about how our communities are important parts of our identities, and that we should always consider them as such. Therefore, the pieces of our community, like Bodega Boutique is to Dartmouth, can be considered reflections of ourselves. It is thus our prerogative to continually participate in our communities to foster identity not only for the coalescence, but for the sake of growth of each separate entity. After having thrown myself into the communities of Halifax and Dartmouth, I couldn’t stress this more. Do not ignore what surrounds you; it is a part of you.

2) Opportunities are Ubiquitous

Not only are there opportunities everywhere in your community, they are always a chance for growth. We are consistently nudged to self-improve, self-help, self-empower and there is some truth in these principles. We are ourselves responsible for our own future eventualities, and though there are always unforeseen circumstances that push us in one direction or another, there is staying power in the paths we form for ourselves. Opportunities, such as the Bodega Ambassadorship, open your eyes to new avenues and help us become diversified. They are everywhere, and they are here for you. You just need to reach out to them.

3) Change is Necessary

Time is a friend and a foe, but it is ultimately the master of reshaping our lives. It is how you handle that change that defines you and showcases your identity and the growth you have achieved. Life changes because it is dynamic, but there is no shame in letting go of the past to seize a future. Change leads to the unknown, which is scary for all of us, but it is also an opening to the world of possibilities.


As I rescind my position as a Bodega Ambassador, I want you all to know how incredible it has been to work with Kate, and be a part of the Bodega name. This opportunity helped me to grow as a person, contribute to my community, and help accept the change that is governing my life at the moment. I will never forget this experience, and I am so very thankful for it.