Giving Myself A 21 Day Reboot

She’s a sexy surfer yogi who wears bikini tops and billowy pants. She has long dark hair, a sun-kissed glow, wears simple but beautiful jewelry and is always barefoot. How she looks is an expression of how she feels and how she lives; that’s why it matters and stands out to me so clearly.
She’s an artist and a minimalist. She’s full of vitality and energy. She’s not confident because there’s no need to be — she just IS.
She lives on the beach and meets me there before sunset when the sky looks like cotton candy. She’s a wealth of truth, wisdom and compassion.  Her certainty, her frequency if you will, is a comfort to be around. The kind that no amount of cookies or binge-watching could provide. 
She’s not my best friend, mentor, idol or hot date. 
She’s my muse, my inner priestess, my spirit, my soul. 
She’s the voice inside of ME.
{note: If you're not sure if you even have a muse let alone what she looks like and you’re having a WTF moment, just bear with me.}
And even though I know exactly where to find her (I pretty much just have to close my eyes and use my imagination), I suck at keeping in touch. Which is to say: I’m not great at listening to myself. 
It’s like, if my life were a pie chart, the “be true to yourself” slice has a tendency to get squished by all the other slices. 

It’s my own fault, but that doesn’t mean I like it. So while some people are kicking off September with a juice cleanse or closet purge, I’m starting mine with a reboot of another kind. For 21 straight days, I’ll be putting my self-expression first, in specific and tangible ways.
This isn’t about following a checklist of shoulds, musts, dos or don’ts. It’s about practicing a way of being and living. It’s about listening to my instincts, being kind and honest with myself, and doing everything I can to let my best creativity, energy, love and possibility unfold. It’s about taking that beach-living, wave-riding, midriff-baring, art-making goodness out of my imagination and into my life. In small ways, one day or moment at a time. (I’ll probably keep my belly completely covered, but I suppose you never can say for sure.)
I want to listen to my voice and my muse as much as I possibly can. I want to take it to the extreme and let that voice influence what I eat, how and why I exercise, the music I listen to, the things I read, the clothes I wear, the people I spend time with, the work I prioritize, the tiny choices I make. And I want to pay close attention to the process — how it feels, how it looks, what I think about, how I feel — every step of the way. 
Every now and then, I get the urge to do something that tells all the other slices in my pie-chart-of-life to back the EFF up and give my soul some roooom. The next 21 days are that thing. 
To close out my last month as a Bodega Ambassador, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my experience with you all. Because of course as a fashion-lover I plan to experiment with my wardrobe during this little bootcamp of mine, but also because so many of the self-doubts and worries and fears we have (including all the icky feelings we have about spending money on high-quality clothes!!!!) aren’t real and aren’t what our true, inner voice would tell us if we took the time to listen. 
So heres to listening to what you really want. And more importantly, to taking actions that invite the wisdom to come back again tomorrow
Love, Laura 
Here me being all “OK Day 1, let’s see where this goes” and then being all “Oh hiiiii, day two. Let’s get this party started!"