By now you might know that I cannot stop gushing about beautiful Deutschland. This Bodega Ambassador has been running around the city non-stop, and has finally been sentenced to rest by the pouring rain outside.

Before today, I have managed to get out and see what Munich has to offer, and let me tell you, the amount of shopping one can do here is unimaginable. The only limitation, of course, is your bank account. Some of the most remarkable components of Munich shopping are around Maximilianstrasse, where the luxury brands reside. These stores are surrounded by droves of people waiting in lines to get in and see this season’s best.

The one thing that comes to mind as I notice the brands around me (whose pieces cost more than two month’s rest) is the BB Dakota manifesto, where they have a resonant policy of making beautiful fashion at affordable prices because we simply do not have to break the bank to have beautiful things. Of course, luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, Longchamp, etc. boast about the quality and grandeur that their products embody, however I get a lot of satisfaction from throwing on a unique boutique dress that doesn’t symbolize me as a member of elite, but does show that I still care about fashion.

I remember once upon a time where I used to save up multiple paycheques to buy Marc Jacobs, D&G, etc. because I felt like as someone invested in fashion, that’s where I ought to be looking. Fortunately, I have grown out of that phase and am now completely in the camp of fashion shouldn’t be limiting, and by that I mean, we shouldn’t limit our enjoyment of other facets of life for the sake of looking good. Additionally, to look good you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands.

As I walked through the streets of Munich finding spots for my next photoshoot, I was proud of the amazing spattered Jack tunic I wore, and I truly did wear it with pride. I mean, why not? If you love it, who cares about branding? Do what makes you happy.

What about you? Have you ever invested in luxury brands? What was your experience!?