These Candles Are The Bomb

Going into business with your best friend is not something a lot of people do. In fact, it’s something most people would advise against. But because I’m in business with my best friend and it totally works for us, I’m immediately intrigued by anyone who’s having a similar experience. 
Meet Tabitha and Claire. They’ve been best friends since junior high and they recently started a business together….mostly because they had a hunch that it was the right thing to do. (Coincidentally, this is another experience I’m quite familiar with.) 
Just eight months ago, while Tabitha was living in Korea and Claire was living in Dartmouth, these two besties were craving a creative outlet. More specifically, a creative outlet they could share. 
Just eight months ago, they were talking and brainstorming and Pinning.
Today they sold me a hand-poured, soy-based, all-vegan, essential-oil-infused, high-quality, long-lasting, sexy-looking, awesome-smelling, bomb-ass candle that was made with care every step of the way. 
That’s why the name of their business is TNT candles. Because these candles really are the bomb. (It also happens to be Tabitha’s initials, which makes the branding even sweeter if you ask me.) 
These two are like Dartmouth’s version of Breaking Bad. Little did they know, making candles calls for a lot of chemistry, math, trial and error, and figuring out how to keep the cats out of the kitchen. And a lot of learning about why certain things don’t exist in the world, like candles in beer bottles. (Because as it turns out, beer bottles are not all uniform in shape, it is damn-near-impossible to cut them consistently, and then either four hours of hard labour or heavy duty machinery is required to smooth out the sharp edges…of just one bottle.) 
So instead of going that route, they searched high and low for a supplier of amber jars. They finally found one — in Burnside of all places — and then stuck to their guns until they got the jars AND the lids they wanted. 
Because pretty amber jars with boring white plastic lids just wasn’t gonna cut it, you know?
They hand-drew their logo, then Claire’s art-director-designer boyfriend digitized it and brought it to life. They’ve also been learning about bookkeeping, web design, marketing, essential oil wholesalers, scent combinations and wick widths…as a candle maker does. 
As for sales? 
They have their hearts set on selling TNT Candles in stores that don’t otherwise sell candles. 
So you can find them at Bodega, for starters. And it won’t be long before they’re in plenty of other places too, so stay tuned. 
Because people and businesses with heart go places. That much I know for sure. 
Laura xo 
If you want to discover more about TNT candles, visit their website ( or find them on Instagram (@tntcandles)