Playing Dress Up: The Grown Up Version

So guys. As promised in last week’s post, I went to the mall last weekend with the specific mission of walking in a store that I have always walked right by: BCBG. 
Not only do I get all heart-eyed-emoji over basically every single in there, the prices make me want to TURN AND RUN. Quickly. Before anyone even notices I was in the store. 
Anyway, this past weekend I said EFF THAT (to myself, obviously). I got more dolled up than one usually does for a drop-in at Mic Mac Mall, packed my Fujifilm Instax Mini camera in my Bodega bag, and recruited my hubby to play photographer. 
Here I am, ready and willing. 
I’m wearing hand-me-down jeans, wedges instead of my usual flats, a Banana Republic tank, pink lipstick, and a head scarf. Because that’s how I get fancy on a Sunday. (The inside-my-head soundtrack for the occasion? Drake’s Fancy. “Nails done, hair done, everything did…”) 
If you’ve ever been in BCBG, you should know that it took me no time at all to pick out a handful of things to try on. In fact, the question was more like: what shouldn’t I try on? 
Hubby weighed in, neither of us even looked at a price tag (FOR REAL, GUYS!) and when the sales woman asked if I was looking for anything in particular, I had a story (fairy tale?) at the ready: 
“Yes, I’m looking for a dress that I could wear to a summer wedding.”
Even the dressing rooms were fancy. I mean, I guess that’s to be expected when you’re about to drop $500 on a sun dress. (I looked at the price tag after I tried the dresses on.) But having never even made it this far, I felt wooed and wowed by how lovely the whole set-up was. 
Do you see these mirrors? And there were chandeliers! 
Not only were the dresses BEAUTIFUL. They fit like a freaking glove. Maybe paying $500 for a sun dress is justified somehow when it’s so comfy and flattering you want to wear it every damn day. 
Honestly? I expected this to be uncomfortable and depressing. I expected to feel unworthy of the pretty, pricey things. I was prepared to feel regret and remorse about the fact that I wasn’t actually going to buy anything. And I sure as hell thought the usual “you can’t afford this” would be on constant repeat in my head. 
But you know what? None of that really happened. 
Instead, this little adventure reminded me of how much I used to love playing dress up when I was little. It was harmless and fun and even just touching the beautiful clothes gave me the warm and fuzzies. 
And the biggest take away of all? This experiment is most definitely NOT done. 
Of course, my penny pinching ways did not dissolve in one visit to an expensive store (and I’m not even sure that would be ideal if it happened). But I went from being a little curious to a lot curious. 
What IS this mysterious connection between my money mindset and my fashion sense, and how can I break free of its limitations and allow myself to loosen up a little? 
I only know one thing for sure: this story is TO BE CONTINUED.