Making a statement

....with jewelry, fringe and feather

Hello loves, 

Well last week I got to go to a special event at Bodega where Jenn from Twigg & Feather was having a trunk show! It was my first ever trunk show and I had already fallen in love with her designs...from my ‘writing sweater’ to my ‘ECMA dress’. So of course, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up a few pieces that I am already excited to wear at a few different shows and festivals in the coming months!

At one point in the evening, I was gathered around a table with some very cool ladies and we all talked about this feather choker by Lunenburg, NS artist Damara Mossman. Each one of us had tried it on over several occasions, but no one had yet to seal the deal. Suddenly up to the challenge, I thought “you’re right ladies, I should take it”.

It’s definitely a ‘Statement Piece’, and it’s crucial to have at least a few statement pieces in the collection.

This choker is lined with sparkle and beautiful soft grey feathers and is incredibly unique. You could wear it with just a blank tank and jeans and that would be the focus. But I think though it will really come in handy as I enter in the next phase of music and recording and will need something special for a few new photos. So maybe this will be my photo necklace.

Check out this beautiful piece of art:

And then I couldn’t leave Bodega without this OTHER necklace. Very different from the feather choker, it is ever so delicate. Created by the same artist, and feeling great about supporting our Nova Scotia artists, I fell in love and took it home. It’s amazing how jewelry can make you feel something intense and make you carry yourself in a different way. Both these necklaces hold a special power that I can’t deny transcends when you wear them.


Sometimes I keep statement pieces in my own collection just for photos, music videos or shows. This is a vintage, light pink feather hair band found by Amy Honey over at Fancy Lucky.

And this gold fringe necklace is a power piece that I always keep on tour with me. Just at the ECMA’s last week I wore it with my purple Twigg & Feather dress, and violinst and member of Hey Rosetta! Kinley Dowling wore it to the Awards Gala. I love to share with my besties! United forever by gold and fringe me and my and KD.

Noticing a theme of sometimes gold and sometimes feather this is a necklace from my favorite boutique in Banff, AB ‘Cabin 108’. I always visit there on my show stopovers. This time I said to Dan “Happy Birthday to me, Danny!” And proceeded to pay for it with his credit card. 

Anyway, that’s just a few things of mine that I love. And I think it’s important that YOU have pieces that YOU really love too. They will travel with you like treasures for your whole life. I’m so happy to have these ones with me as I globetrot around or just trot around town. 

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