What inspires me?

What inspires me? I get asked this a lot. And I usually think, ‘shit, think of something to say now.’

I don’t know if anything inspires me more than music itself.

When I hear music I love, it inspires me to make music. I get excited by what I am hearing, and I think, can I do that too? Songs come from all kinds of places. It could be from a dream, or a heartache, a new love, or from out of nowhere on a quiet moment in an otherwise ordinary day. Songs come from the back corners of your mind and they get mixed up with stream of consciousness, hopes and wishes.

I love the idea of working, and getting better at something, and I know I will always be a musician. When I picture myself as an old woman, I am still having very special shows, maybe fewer and far between. But maybe they are grandiose! Perhaps there is a symphony. Maybe I am wearing a blue dress. Maybe my hair is strawberry white.

I think you are also getting the idea that I love clothes. Clothes are part of the show, they make you feel like you are adding to art on the stage, and that truly inspires me too. I love the way other people love clothes and have their favorite pieces that they collect over the years and hang in their closet.

When I look through my closet, I can tell you a hundred stories. Each piece has a special memory tied to it and brings me closer to the people I met and the memories we made. Let me pick out a few and show you.

#1: Brooklyn Sequin

I love sequins. Especially the kind that hang softly and don’t scratch. I found this shirt in a market in Brooklyn, NY when I was there to play a show and visiting my friend and label head Ben Goldberg. We had tostatas and chatted about his wife’s fondness for maple syrup. After a while, some of the very delicate beads on this shirt started to fray, but Julia my tailor fixed it for me! I can wear this anytime and it never feels old. I will love it forever. It is a jewel.

#2: White Tassel shirt

This is from Amy Honey’s store “Fancy Lucky Vintage”. She found this for me, and I wore it for my photos for this latest album, Compostela, which we shot with Deedee Morris out in the fields of Grand Desert, NS. The sun was setting and we through sparkles in the air. I have worn this countless times over the past 2 years. It swings merrily around me. It’s see-through so you need to wear a top underneath. This shirt is basically a family member at this point. Perhaps I should it include it my will! (Except I don’t have one.)

#3: Black and Gold Echoes Dress

This is an old closet storyteller dress from 2009 when I released an album called Echoes. I wore this to our Album release show at The Mod Club in Toronto.

I loved the gold details around the top. I later wore it on New Years Eve to my friends wedding when I had a cast on my arm, and got so frustrated with the length that I ‘hack job’ cut it with giant scissors with my friend Laura Clark from behind the wedding cake table. I told you, I aint no tailor. #shame.

#4: Red Vintage Aussie Dress

This dress is from a vintage shop in Australia. I wore it there, in the hills of The Blue Mountains in 2012, to make a video for the song “I’ve Got Your Fire”. Strange birds were flying overhead and I sang in a giant cave. Click here to watch the vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84G_d7Oi1ac

#5: Orangey Red Summer Festival Dress

This is another number from Fancy Lucky! I wore it last summer for Folk Festival Season and got to sing it in alongside some of my favorite songstresses like Basia Bulat, Frazey Ford and lots of other amazing song heroes of mine. It was really the summer of lady love. I even met and sang with Jenny Lewis, the dream queen. I barely slept.

#6: Bodega Sequins

This is the newest number in the closet, from Bodega Boutique! I am just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this. It might be a while, cause it’s such a special one. I’m thinking NYE 2017. Someone book me for that because my outfit is ready.

#7: Mom’s Dress

This is the best dress in my closet because this is what my mom wore to my wedding. I love to see it hanging there. It was made in Italy and is the most beautiful material I’ve ever felt. It has a black crinoline underneath. She looked dazzling in it. Best purchase ever. Best Mom ever.

Until next time my loves, find me on the magic of the amazzzzing internet.

I am just getting into this whole SPOTIFY thing, and you can find me on there, listen to all of my records, and include me in your playlists. Does that sounds like a plan??? 

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